Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Building Competition Announcement

The days become shorter and there's a snap in the air. It's a perfect time of year for hiking to your favorite mountain top summit. When you get there how nice would it be to have a cozy place to rest up for the trip down the mountain?

This month's theme is Modern Mountain Retreat. Your build should have a rustic but modern feel, with wood, stone, and windows that take in the magnificent mountain vistas. 

Go to this url for some inspiration

What: Modern Mountain Retreat
When: November 14, 15, 16


Be sure to read the rules on the registration page first before registering!

Visit the B2B Platform for more information about joining the group, Mini Mania Games, Lucky Chair,  and to see a slideshow of previous competitions. While you are there, we'd love for you to honor our builders by making a donation.

IM Jolie Serendipity or DanielRockport.

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