Friday, November 14, 2014

Mountain Retreat Lot Size and Land Impact

Hello builders!

This month's competition has an additional challenge! Your mountain retreat must fit in a 16 X 32 lot, and may have no more than 117 Land Impact.

Yes, this is the "standard" Linden Labs size for premium accounts.

I have textured the lots to match the grass, let me know if you want me to remove the smaller lot so you can rez your own 16 X 32 and use your own texture.

Remember to wear your special Little Blue Island Management tag while building, and save, save, save. Did I mention that the most important thing you can do is save your build?

Please plan your time, and get started as early as possible. Plan for unexpected hitches such as the sim crashing or griefers causing lag. Save your build. I cannot say this enough.

Also, please review the rules. It is your responsibility to know them. Ask questions if you are not sure.

Be kind to the sim managers, and each other. Our goal here is to help you become a better builder, and we all know we learn better when we feel like those around us have our back.

If you know anyone who wants to join us, please send them to our blog. We need 2 platforms, why not fill them?

TP in your friends to watch, and encourage them to donate to our donation thermometer. Prizes are paid from funds raised! Be sure to thank them for the honor.

Most important, while you are saving your build, remember how much fun this is!

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