Sunday, October 26, 2014

Zombie Town Building Competition Winners

Join me in congratulating this month's building competition winners! The builds were imaginative, creative, and frightening! I know it was difficult to choose the winners, well done, everyone!

The winners are as follows:

People's Choice Award goes to: Phantom63

The Two Moon Gardens Award goes to:
 Dusty902 Avril, who will receive a large garden from Bunnie Badger.

3rd Place with a prize of L$500: Luna Enigma Cobain
2nd Place with a prize of L$1,000: Phantom63 
1st Place with a prize of L$2,000 and a Garden from  Bunnie Badger. Marla Lefevre.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners also receive a gift card from Clutter for Builders.

All winners also receive a trophy or plaque designed by Jolie Serendipity.

Congratulations to all the winning builders!

I'd like to take a minute to thank all of our donors and sponsors. Please show them some Linden lovin' by visiting their businesses or blogs.

Zombie Town Competition Awards Ceremony

Today we will announce the winners of the October "Zombie Town" competition at the gorgeous "Bring a Friend and Stay Awhile" venue. Our generous benefactor, Still Braveheart, has decorated the sim for Halloween, so you can wear your costume, or if you prefer, come as you are.

Still has also arranged live entertainment!. Reallymad "Mick" Morpork hails from the UK is a recognized name and talent in SL. He has graced some of the most popular venues since rezzing his microphone in 2008.

With his wonderful accent, charming personality, and amazing voice, Mick has the crowd always wanting more. However, he is very humble, claiming he only sings 3 places: In the car, in the shower and in here. With songs ranging from rock to selections from Les Miserables to ballads and even a little country there is something for everyone. A fellow musician in SL insisted on making him backing tracks after hearing Mick.

Mick does more than sing, he entertains and has you feeling like you know him. The hour seems to fly because you will laugh and sing along with him.

So, don your costumes, grab your friends, and be prepared for a frighteningly fun time!

4pm SLT, be there!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Zombie Town Voting Today!

Zombie Town Building Competition Scoring

Thank you for participating in our competition! Now for the fun! Visit each of the builds in the competition and score each one using the scorecard in the link below. 

Remember this scorecard is for the competition participants and certain people who have been invited by either Daniel or Jolie. All others should vote using the People's Choice vote board on the platform.

All scores are tabulated using a spreadsheet. Your comments will be sent to each other anonymously after the winners are announced. Please try to keep your comments positive and helpful.

You will be asked for a code, it can be any 4 numbers of your choice.


Voting will be from:
October 19th, 6pm SLT thru October 20th, 6pm SLT

Please consider making a donation to the competition fund located at the plaza on the platform. Bring in your friends and building acquaintances too, as we will have a "People's Choice" voting board there too. We appreciate every donation, it is your kindness that allows the competitions to continue.

Friday, October 17, 2014

B2B Zombie Town Competition starts TODAY!

Start up your prim twisters and texture organizers TODAY @ 8AM SLT!!

There are two platforms available, access to the upper platform is through the teleporters. One is in the welcome center, one is in Jolie's DrLife shop on the ground, and the third one is in the center of the upper platform.

You may select your lot and start building after 8am SLT. Please click on the sign in front of your lot when you have chosen your lot. You will see your profile picture appear on the front side of the sign.

Please WEAR your special Little Blue Tag, your normal one will not protect you from the sandbox cleaning. If you accidentally forget, your build should go to your lost and found folder, but sometimes it doesn't. so SAVE SAVE SAVE!!

Remember our prizes are funded through our donation thermometers! We depend on you and your friends to be able to offer the prizes. Thank you in advance for your contributions.

HAVE FUN, and watch out for Zombies!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Builder 2 Builder October Building Competition Announcement

Peering through the stagnant mist in the dead stillness of the night, a light flashes across your field of view, illuminating a field of tree stumps that seem to be . . . wait. NO! RUN!!!! Those are not tree stumps!!! AHHhhhhhh, ZOMBIES!!!!

The theme of our next competition is Zombie Town. You can build a house, a shop, a business, that would be found in a Zombie Town.

1st Place - L$2,000
2nd Place - L$1,000
3rd Place - L$500
All prizes are supported by generous donations from people like you. 

Start Building October 17 @ 8am SLT
Stop Building October 19@ 6pm SLT
Start Scorecards for all builders October 19 @ 6pm SLT
Celebration and announcement of winners October 26th.

Register Monday

Be sure to read the competition rules before you register. 

Got questions? IM Jolie Serendipity or DanielRockport Resident.