Sunday, October 26, 2014

Zombie Town Competition Awards Ceremony

Today we will announce the winners of the October "Zombie Town" competition at the gorgeous "Bring a Friend and Stay Awhile" venue. Our generous benefactor, Still Braveheart, has decorated the sim for Halloween, so you can wear your costume, or if you prefer, come as you are.

Still has also arranged live entertainment!. Reallymad "Mick" Morpork hails from the UK is a recognized name and talent in SL. He has graced some of the most popular venues since rezzing his microphone in 2008.

With his wonderful accent, charming personality, and amazing voice, Mick has the crowd always wanting more. However, he is very humble, claiming he only sings 3 places: In the car, in the shower and in here. With songs ranging from rock to selections from Les Miserables to ballads and even a little country there is something for everyone. A fellow musician in SL insisted on making him backing tracks after hearing Mick.

Mick does more than sing, he entertains and has you feeling like you know him. The hour seems to fly because you will laugh and sing along with him.

So, don your costumes, grab your friends, and be prepared for a frighteningly fun time!

4pm SLT, be there!

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