Saturday, October 4, 2014

Builder 2 Builder October Building Competition Announcement

Peering through the stagnant mist in the dead stillness of the night, a light flashes across your field of view, illuminating a field of tree stumps that seem to be . . . wait. NO! RUN!!!! Those are not tree stumps!!! AHHhhhhhh, ZOMBIES!!!!

The theme of our next competition is Zombie Town. You can build a house, a shop, a business, that would be found in a Zombie Town.

1st Place - L$2,000
2nd Place - L$1,000
3rd Place - L$500
All prizes are supported by generous donations from people like you. 

Start Building October 17 @ 8am SLT
Stop Building October 19@ 6pm SLT
Start Scorecards for all builders October 19 @ 6pm SLT
Celebration and announcement of winners October 26th.

Register Monday

Be sure to read the competition rules before you register. 

Got questions? IM Jolie Serendipity or DanielRockport Resident.

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