Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hi Builders!

Just a couple of last minute things to remember!

First, please send me 512 x 512 full perm pics of your build before 5pm SLT. Name them like this: MR (your name). For example: MR Jolie Serendipity.

Double check your build that you don't have items with another creator listed. This is the thing that most often gets people disqualified. Another hot item for disqualification is if any of your prims show creation dates not within the dates of the competition. (we do check these)

Please consider donating to the donation thermometer located at the Welcome Center. The prize money comes from the donations. Any amount is appreciated!

TP in your friends and enemies! (JK, I know none of you nice people have enemies!) Encourage them to vote on the People's Choice board after 6pm SLT, and give to our donation thermometer!

Visit our sponsors on the sponsor board, and spread the Linden Lovin by shopping with them!

Winners will be announced next Sunday at 4pm SLT at our Awards Ceremony at 􀀀Bring a Friend and Stay Awhile. ReallyMad Morpork will perform LIVE! 

Thank you for participating. I hope you had a lot of fun, and will join us again next month! Look out for the new theme around December 1st!

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