Friday, December 19, 2014

Dickens Cristmas

Start up your prim twisters and texture organizers TODAY @ 8AM SLT!!

You will have the availability of the full lot to create your masterpiece! 
Please keep it below or equal to 200 prims.
Max height 40 meters.

There are two platforms available, access to the upper platform is through the teleporters. One is in the welcome center, one is in Jolie's DrLife shop on the ground, and the third one is in the center of the upper platform.

You may select your lot and start building after 8am SLT. Please click on the sign in front of your lot when you have chosen your lot. You will see your profile picture appear on the front side of the sign.

Please WEAR your special Little Blue Tag, your normal one will not protect you from the sandbox cleaning. If you accidentally forget, your build should go to your lost and found folder, but sometimes it doesn't. so SAVE SAVE SAVE!!

Remember our prizes are funded through our donation thermometers! We depend on you and your friends to be able to offer the prizes. Thank you in advance for your contributions.

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