Monday, September 1, 2014

September Building Competition

September is here, the kiddies are back to school, and mom and dad just want to play! Your task is to build a treehouse so they can escape from RL while the kids are at school!

Make sure you add lots of fun toys, like a swing, a rope ladder or bridge, an escape hatch, a slide, and maybe even a walkie-talkie or two! Think like a kid, but build for an adult!

When: September 12 - 14
Start time: 8am SLT Friday
End time: 6pm SLT Sunday
Scoring starts: 6pm SLT Sunday through 6pm SLT Monday
People's Choice Voting time is the same as the builder's score times.

1st: L$2000
2nd: L$1000
3rd: L$500

Plus we have trophies for the top 3, a gift for the top winner from Bunnie Badger, and Gift Cards from Clutter for the top 3 prizes.


See you on the 12th!

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