Sunday, August 17, 2014


**dada da, dada da!**

Building Central Update

The August "Flip this Build" competition end time has been extended to Monday at 6pm SLT, so you have another 24 hours!! Please remind all your friends to stop by, have a look around, click on the MM boards, try for the Lucky Chair, donate to the thermometer, and VOTE for People's Choice (Monday after 6PM)!

If you decided to pull out and want to rejoin, just send Jolie Serendipity a note card, and she will make sure you are added back in.

We will still have our Awards Ceremony on Sunday, August 24th from 4 - 5 pm SLT. It will be held at BS's Bring a Friend and Stay Awhile, and will feature a LIVE performance of ReallyMad Morepork

Thank you, Gillian for your continued support of Builder 2 Builder. We exist because of your vision and generosity! 

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