Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hello Builders!

First I want to give a few words of thanks to Gillian Carthage and all the wonderful people at Little Blue Fermi; without your generosity and encouragement, we wouldn't exist. Special thanks to Still Braveheart, who is allowing us to keep a museum of sorts, with the current first place winner on display all month. I'd also like to thank Krissie Snowdrop, she did a marvelous job entertaining us at the awards ceremony, as well as announcing the winners! If you missed her performance, make sure you look her up in the events listing.

I'm so proud of each and everyone who built in the Easter Egg Abode competition. We had an awesome turnout, so many builders with wonderful builds! 

And the winners are:

1st Place: Moonsugah Monday
2nd Place: Levi Ewing
3rd Place: Luna Enigma

Two Moon Gardens Special Award goes to Moonsugah Monday!

People's Choice Award Winner: Crissi Jayaram!

Congratulations to all our builders for a successful competition!

Be on the look out for details of our next building competition - Cottswald Cottage! Visit our NEW blog: 

I'd like to take a minute to thank all of our donors and sponsors. Please show them some Linden lovin' by visiting their businesses or blogs. 

Little Blue Fermi

Bring a Friend and Stay Awhile

Two Moon Gardens

The Party House

Clairehaven Estates

The Creators Market

Clutter for Builders

Alphabet Soup Rentals

Still Braveheart

Melu Deco

Harlequin Rhode

Midnight Mania for Creators - Sophie Katsu (owner)

Flor Held

If you know anyone who is interested in sponsoring B2B through ongoing contributions or gifts in kind, please have them contact Jolie Serendipity or DanielRockport Resident.


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